Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords research and analysis is the most crucial phase of any SEO project. Choosing right keywords determines the quality of traffic you will receive if you are able to achieve good rankings as a result of your SEO efforts.

STUDIO S’ Keyword research and analysis includes:

  • Identifying and researching a possible set of keywords used by your potential customers
  • Developing and researching additional keywords based upon the clients industry
  • Determining the most popular keywords and using them as the core targets for your SEO campaign

After our keyword research and analysis, we submit the final keywords list to you for approval. As an immediate next phase, we identify the pages on your web site with the content relevant to the keywords in the list. With rare exceptions, any web page cannot be optimized for more than 2-3 keywords. We associate keywords to each page on your site, depending upon the content of the pages. All the Meta Tags and the copy on the pages is then optimized according to the targeted keywords.

In our Keyword research and analysis we use the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) to measure how effective a keyword is for a website. The keyword effectiveness index compares the number of times a keyword is searched for with the number of competing webpages for that keyword, to help pinpoint exactly which keywords are most effective for your SEO campaign.

We will not only constantly analyze keywords for your website, but it will also provide you with statistics on the performance of each keyword. In addition, we will perform any necessary revisions to ensure optimum results.